Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sonic Boom In Waukesha

This is this blog's 3,000th posting, so most of the stardust accompanying this historic event in Wisconsin electronic media achievement is owed through pure coincidence to a link to Journal Sentinel Darryl Enriquez's piece about a new designation he has unearthed about the city that makes up his beat:

Waukesha, we learn, will soon become become the first Wisconsin community hosting and boasting two Sonic Drive-in restaurants.

Will we see "Waukesha, The Sonic City" signs anytime soon? Maybe - - if Timmermann Field were upgraded to take F-16's.

Waukesha used to be "Spring City" because so much clean water literally bubbled to the surface there, creating a locale known for bottling companies, spas and train (yes!) cars loaded with health-conscious visitors looking to "take the waters."

So - - things change.

Had there been a different mindset out Waukesha way over the years, perhaps the city would not be paying consultants hundreds of thousands of continuing dollars for a likely plan to divert Lake Michigan water - - at a potential political cost to the region, and a financial tab of $60 million that might eat up a disproportionate share of possible federal stimulus funding.

Anyway - - I might give one of the Sonics a nostalgic try even if I wish Waukesha's springs and the land above and surrounding them had been better preserved.

And I am still partial to Rochester's Deli, with the great cornbeef and homemade desserts available in the historic downtown as the place to grab lunch in Waukesha.

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