Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Possible GOP Gubernatorial Primary Would Pit Far Righties Against Each Other

Since a primary is an appeal to the base, and the GOP base in Wisconsin is in rightwing strongholds up north, in Waukesha and the Fox Valley, a primary between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann would be something of a RightieFest.

You can hear it now..."I'll cut taxes/No, I'll cut taxes more; "I'm for small government/No, I'm for teenie-weenie government," and so on.

Walker pulled out of the 2006 primary against eventual GOP loser Mark Green, while Neumann has a statewide defeat by Russ Feingold on his resume.

Bottom line: Weak field.

In truth, a moderate Republican would be the more formidable variant, but since there are few GOP moderates, and local talk radio has declared war on those they call RINO's, or Repubicans in name only, the Republican Party of Wisconsin appears to be marching with determination towards the fringes, where the national party is already firmly entrenched.

Where is where, by the way, that conservative talk radio, led by Rush Limbaugh, is keeping both state and national GOP locked down.

All in all, that's okey-dokey by me.


Anonymous said...

Waukesha is up north?

James Rowen said...

My English training says that line is grammatical.

Parts of Waukesha County resemble up north, politically.

Anonymous said...

OK Jimbo, just wait until the Demochimps in Congress start arguing over the differences between the Senate and House stimulus versions. I enjoy watching how nasty Chimps can be to each other. Remember how Jimmy Carter could not get along with his own party? Slick Willy had problems, too.

Pelousi and Reid staked out their turf already. Obozo has his hands full.

The Repubs wisely let the Chimps have their spending bill. After the Dems ruin the nation, the rejuvenated Repubs will pick up the pieces in 2010 & 2012.

Obozo keeps referring to the failed policies of the last eight years. What he does is go to the failed policies of FDR, JFK, and LBJ with BIG spending and BIG government.