Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Capital Punishment, Always An Expensive Process, May Fall To Budget Woes

Capital punishment has always been an expensive proposition - - lengthy trials, long appeals, special cells and other costly procedures - - and as states trim budgets, the death penalty may be deemed too expensive.

As a death penalty opponent, I say, whatever it takes.


Anonymous said...

Those in favor of the death penalty would say there are ways to greatly reduce the economic hardship, particularly when there is indisputable DNA evidence.

I am not one of them. I was taught that all life is sacred including those on death row and the unborn.

Thus lies the voting dilemma. Republicans tend to favor killing the guilty, whereas Democrats tend to favor killing the innocent.

James Rowen said...

Capital punishment has always disproportionately killed the poorest defendants, with the worst lawyers, fewest crucial expert witnesses, and so on.

There is no conclusive proof that it deters other murderers.

It is sanctioned vengeance.