Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brewers Baseball Club Gets On Board Amtrak

Now here's savvy marketing: The Brewers have a promotion combining game tickets, T-shirts and Amtrak seats for fans to get to Wrigley Field this season and cheer on the Brew Crew.

Now think ahead.

If the state and feds get their stimulus spending act together, the Midwest High Speed Rail plan, if implemented, would provide modern train links connecting Madison, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, which means fans could regularly take the train to Miller Park.

That would remove some traffic from the roads (and perhaps some drivers who have imbibed Miller and other alcoholic beverages), thus removing more than mere congestion from the roads.

There is also a very pleasant social component to riding the train to a sporting event.

Coming from Washington, DC, I can attest to some wonderful Metro train rides to and from RFK stadium there to watch NFL Football. People are in their regalia and in fine spirits, too.

Friends who take the St. Louis light rail to Cardinals and Rams games report the same phenomenon.

So hats (caps) off to the Brewers for figuring out how to get more Brewer fans to Wrigley Field - - a site where the fans are sorely needed - - and in a fun way.

Hat tip to Don Walker.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about trains?

James Rowen said...

Next time you are on the Amtrak to Chicago - - get there early, as the cars are sometimes full - - remember that all those passengers are not clogging up the highways or polluting the air you breathe.

Anonymous said...

the amtrak idea is nice, but not the t-shirts that say "miller park south." i picture one of those "law and order" episodes where jack mccoy uses a novel theory of law to prosecute a big corporation for murder. "members of the jury, it was eminently foreseeable when the brewers gave away these shirts that the victim would be set upon by a mob of drunken cubs fans."

James Rowen said...

You are right.

Perhaps the Brewers should offer insurance, too.