Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doyle Pledged Support For UW-Milwaukee Freshwater School

The Governor also pledged to "move forward" with the proposed UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Science, a real boon to the university and Great Lakes science that knits together business and education.

Great news for Milwaukee in a tough budget repair bill address.

Kudos to Gov. Doyle - - and it is important to support the Governor when there are solid efforts on behalf of Milwaukee like this.

Right now (no pun intended), the debate is being framed by right-wing talkers bashing the tax and revenue portions of the speech.

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Unknown said...

This is a great sign for UWM and Wisconsin in general. I am currently searching for a graduate program where I can study fresh water law and economic policy. This school has the potential to become a center for water policy that will only become more valuable over time. Especially with recent water policy decisions that affect the SEWRPC counties which straddle the Lake Michigan watershed boundary. Southeastern Wisconsin is setting the standards for the use of this most precious resource. Thank you Gov. Doyle for pledging an academic analysis of that use.