Saturday, June 30, 2007

WMC Hits New Low: Embraces Air Pollution

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce argues in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed that Wisconsinites should breathe dirty air.

The Bush administration's Environmental Protection Agency wants to impose tough clean air standards on about one-third of the state, including Milwaukee, Waukesha and Dane Counties, because our air is not healthy, yet could and should be cleaner.

And the WMC objects.

And tells us the sky is falling:

"Manufacturers, many of whom are facing intense global competition, would be forced to cut jobs to pay for the higher cost of electricity and additional regulatory burden," says the WMC's Scott Manley.

"The ozone non-attainment stigma that helped cause economic expansion to stagnate in the southeastern part of the state would spread to other counties."

Business owners of Wisconsin, who also breathe the air in this state, as do your children, friends and employees:

That is your organization talking, and exaggerating the negative state of the state to the outside world.

Here is the truth:

The sky is not falling in Wisconsin.

It just needs to be clearer, so all of us, owners and consumers alike, can breathe a little easier.

Note: The Journal Sentinel editorial board comes out on the cleaner air side, too.

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