Monday, June 18, 2007

Drained Lake, Clogged Stream, Stripped Land - - In One Planned Waukesha County Subdivision

A $140 million upscale subdivision, Stoneridge, looked like a boon to the Western Waukesha County Village of Dousman until the environmental damage and other problems began to mount.

Now the neighbors, local authorities and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources want some answers.

There is a long list of questions, according to a consultant expert hired to sort out the mess:

"...the applications filed...weren't complete and didn't address all the requirements of (village) ordinances, such as detailed traffic studies, impacts on the school district, impact on public services, marketability, storm water retention, impacts on surface and groundwater," [the consultant wrote].

"I find it hard to believe that the village approved these developments without . . . all the information being available for public comment at the hearings," reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Darryl Enriquez.

Reads like a checklist for Sprawl Avoidance 101.

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