Friday, June 8, 2007

Boosting The Milwaukee Central Park

I think it's a solid idea, and used my monthly shot in the Capital Times to advance it.

Kudos to Ald. Mike D'Amato, the Milwaukee County Conservation Coalition, and others I am sure I'm missing, for making this a priority for the city and the region.

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Unknown said...

Sounds cool. One thing I love about biking or walking to work is the natural habitat on both sides of the bike path. A part of that is the no mow policy that is so controversial with Madison's green space hating burbs on the west side.

One thing that seems essential is usable green space especially in a central city part. By usable I mean trails, bike paths etc that connect one to nature not alienate them from it.

The only thing that concerns me is how the police will handle this. With they have stake outs to bust any over zealous bicyclists.

So, do folks in Milwaukee read the Cap Times. Maybe the Journal / Sentinel will pick up on the story and do an in depth piece on it.