Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gingrich Comes to Waukesha County, Doesn't Fail To Disappoint The Far Right

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and potential additional rightwing GOP presidential candidate made a speech before a conservative Wisconsin business group in Waukesha County on the 15th - - and surprise, surprise - - postured as another immigration hysteric to drum up support for a possible primary run.

This is the script for the right and the GOP these days, now that overt discrimination against people of color has fallen out of fashion: whip up fear and loathing towards immigrants.

For a politician on the right, this is oh, so easy. "Gratuitous" doesn't even begin to define it.

Gingrich outed himself as a confessed hypocrite not long ago when he admitted to having had a sexual relationship with a member of his House staff - - at the same time he was leading the crucifixion of Pres. Bill Clinton for the same sort of familial and workplace indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky.

Will anyone be shocked if we will learn that Gingrich has employed or benefited from the labor of undocumented immigrant workers on his private payrolls?

By the way, here is the website of the pro-Wisconsin (sic) business organization that brought Gingrich.

Note the sophomoric and partisan nature of its presentation. No wonder Wisconsin has low standing nationally in the eyes of some business leaders: the Wisconsin business community, led by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, is more negative about Wisconsin than any other special interest.

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