Friday, June 8, 2007

Warming In Waukesha Caused By Cold Women

Or at least that's what some Waukesha County officials there think.

A story in The Freeman contained these administrative and linguistic details from a recent County Finance Committee meeting:

"Committee members said they believed the [heating cost] problem stems from female county employees who are the predominant users of the electric heaters because of thin clothing they wear during the colder months.

“There used to be so many uncontrollable factors out there with this because women had to wear dresses and skirts to work, but that time is now gone,” committee member Jean Tortomasi said.

“They can wear pants, put on a sweater or whatever nowadays. I just don’t know why [Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas] hasn’t already taken this on.”

Your move, Mr. County Executive.

You're going to have to better manage those uncontrollable factors out there and order female County workers to wear warmer whatevers to work.

We'll check your website come January for photos.

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