Saturday, June 9, 2007

Newt Is Coming To Southeast Wisconsin

The conservative Waukesha blogger James Widgerson tells us that former US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich is coming to the Country Springs Hotel next Friday afternoon.

I've never met Widgerson, but I read his blog because he can be funny when he wants to be, and because he takes comments.

And he's gone on Eric Von's AM-1290 talk radio show to defend his views.

Apparently, Newt is warning Republicans that they face more losses at the polls unless they nominate an exciting candidate - - presumably Gingrich.

You want to see the GOP drop another 25-50 seats? And give up the White House, too? Go ahead and put Mr. Contract With/On America on the ticket.


Pair him up with Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter if Michael Savage isn't available.

And if you head out to NewtFest, check out the hotel's water park. It's a big user of water supplied by the Waukesha Water Utility - - the one with all those supply problems.

New Berlin wants to build a water frolic destination, too.

Is this why Lake Michigan water should be diverted? Why the other Great Lakes states and Wisconsin's DNR should tie themselves up in nasty state politics and regulatory knots?

You think all this is a digression? Hardly.

Let's make sure Newt is asked about the Great Lakes Compact.

He likes to present himself as a science guy. Let's see what he has to say about the health of the Great Lakes, invasive species, water pollution, falling lake levels and return flow if water is diverted out of the Great Lakes basin.


Illinois GOP Network said...

Newt wasn't the Majority Leader. He was Speaker of the House. The Majority Leader was Dick Armey

James Rowen said...

The perils of late-night blogging. Thank you.