Sunday, June 17, 2007

Support Agent Orange Victims in Milwaukee at Monday Noon Rally

Monday is a national day of awareness about the continuing suffering of Americans and Vietnamese who were exposed to the poison Agent Orange during the War in Vietnam.

Agent Orange was a widely-used defoliant sprayed by low-flying, US aircraft to destroy forests, purportedly to deny hiding and staging areas to anti-government guerrillas and troops.

This chemical warfare tactic thus poisoned land, water and countless thousands of people, including American GI's with lingering, substantial health problems dismissed by military and government officials.

The leading producer of Agent Orange was the Dow Chemical Co., also the manufacturer of napalm; numerous protests against Dow took place nationally, and in Wisconsin, during the war.

There will be a demonstration about Agent Orange at the US Courthouse on E. Wisconsin Avenue at noon on Monday, June 18th, as part of a coordinated educational effort across the county.

Some related information is here.

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