Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Stewardship Purchases Increase Public Access To The Wisconsin Outdoors

Gov. Jim Doyle is on the circuit today, announcing major land purchases through the popular, bi-partisan Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, adding prime open space and wild areas for the public to enjoin in perpetuity.

Like the Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee, tangible state actions on behalf of the public interest enhance the value and reputation of Wisconsin's natural beauty.

And minimize the sting of sprawl that has already eaten up some of the state's finest wetlands and forests and continues to threaten what remains, such as, for example, Waukesha County's Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area.

Former GOP Gov. Thompson, like Warren Knowles, were big supporters of the Stewardship Fund.

Acquiring these properties and expanding the Fund has always been bi-partisan, but in truth, is really non-partisan, because everyone benefits from the Fund's purchases.

There may be a handful of off-note critics who can't see the public policy forest for the remaining trees, but they should take off their ideological blinders and enjoy a nice walk in the woods, or along Milwaukee's now-expanded and more accessible lakefront.

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