Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Waukesha County Population Estimates Climb

In several posts, (such as this one,) I stated that Waukesha County's population is growing substantially, with greater growth - - and water demands by new residents - - projected for decades.

Waukesha County's 2000 population was 360,800, census figures show.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) has indicated that by 2035, Waukesha County would have an estimated 446,800 people.

That increase is equal to virtually the entire 2000 population of Ozaukee County - - and any travel through Waukesha County offers easy-to-see examples of subdivisions filling-in much of the open space from Brookfield at the Milwaukee County line all the way west to Jefferson County.

There are population estimates, however, that extend beyond 2035 and come with even higher residential projections.

The office of Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas indicated by email that, by 2050, his county may have 509,000 people, according to the county's current, long-range development plan.

And in an April 24th interview on WUWM-FM (use this link, then download "Waukesha County in Great Shape"), Vrakas said Waukesha County's population "someday" could hit 520,000.

Note: Waukesha County is currently updating its county-wide long-range development plan, written in 1997, and uses State of Wisconsin population estimates for its planning that is found here.

The Waukesha County development plan updating process is described at a Waukesha County parks and land use site.

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