Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Senate Dems Move To Block Freeway Expansion At Story Hill

Senate Democrats took a first step towards blocking freeway expansion west of Miller Park to Hawley Rd., a position endorsed several years ago by the Milwaukee Common Council, the Milwaukee County Board and Citizens Allied for Sane Highways.

Milwaukee freeway fighter Gretchen Schuldt offers context, here.

http://www.storyhill.net/ put it this way:

state senate moves to block freeway expansion near Story Hill
June 26 -- The State Senate voted Tuesday to block freeway expansion on I-94 near Story Hill.

The vote was part of a budget bill adopted, 18-15, along a party line vote with Democrats in the majority.

The measure would prohibit the addition of lanes on I-94 adjacent to Wood National Cemetery between Hawley Road and the Stadium Interchange.

The budget bill, including the freeway language, is a long way from becoming law.

The State Assembly, where Republicans are the majority, will adopt its own budget, then differences between the Senate and Assembly versions will be hammered out in a conference committee.

Gov. Jim Doyle also must approve the final product. The governor has broad veto over individual items contained in the bill.

Ensuring that the budget language survives upcoming negotiations, and gains Doyle's approval should be a high priority for neighborhood activists, environmental organizations and fiscal conservaties aware of the unfunded billions needed to implement the region's freeway expansion plan.

Other Senate conservation/environmental actions described here.

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