Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mark Belling Rips Regionalism: Says It's A Pro-Milwaukee Plot

Mark Belling rants in The Freeman that the M-7 regional collaboration will steer development away from the suburbs into the City of Milwaukee.

He starts his item with this blather:

'It’s time for Chapter 27 of my ongoing Suburban Naivete Alert. Or Chapter 44 of "How the City Rolls All Over the Suburbs."

Even for Belling, champion of Conservative Schtick, this is over-the-top.

Freeway expansion...water diversion planning...Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission recommendations, membership, staffing, contracting - - nearly all of it, has suburban, out-of-Milwaukee tone, process and outcomes.

I know if you have a newspaper column in a Waukesha paper, and a talk radio show pointed at the suburbs that you need to aim your material at your base.

But for goodness sakes, don't condescend them.


xoff said...

I was hoping he wouldn't figure it out until we had put the suburbs out of business.

Forgot what a genius he is.

James Rowen said...

Maybe his double-secret agenda is for Milwaukeans fighting sprawl to endorse it?

krshorewood said...

Is this how he is standing up for Milwaukee?

James Rowen said...

"Looking Down On Milwaukee" fits better.