Wednesday, June 27, 2007

City, County Agree On A Transit And Tax Plan...

But it's in Dane County, not Milwaukee County.

In Milwaukee County, the planning, the conversation, the coordinated effort wouldn't happen, with Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Executive, the number-one obstacle.

Walker continues to support some bus line improvements, period, with no rail or better connections to even County-run operations, like the zoo and airport.

Talk radio uses city and regional rail alternatives to stir up anti-Milwaukee sentiment in the suburbs, and Walker, being one of the talkers' pets, wins their praise by reflexively bashing rail plans that have Milwaukee at the center.

Regardless, good for Madison and Dane County for assertively seeking options, and setting in motion a process that should move the entire issue further down the track.

Maybe when Walker is off to another adventure, the Milwaukee area can make some real progress on crucial transportation issues.

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