Tuesday, January 21, 2020

WI GOP-led Senate opens session with half-measures, partisan games

The GOP-led legislature managed by design Tuesday to earn an incomplete as it  went back into session. A wrap-up is here; note these deliberately dim low-lights:

* Some controls were were passed by both legislative houses to restrict the use of dangerous contaminants in fire-suppressing foam known as 'forever chemicals' - - but cleanup issues and controls on other types and sources of the chemicals were ignored, or not fully addressed. 

More background, here, from the Midwest Environmental Justice Organization.

And also remember that the far more ubiquitous presence of nitrate contaminants in ground, surface and drinking water has yet to see promised remedies. 

Note this blog item:
Nancy Utesch, guest post: Kewaunee, others, long overdue for clean water 
* Two more of Gov. Evers cabinet nominees were approved by the Senate after more than a year in office, but nine more, exactly half of the positions, remain unconfirmed and some may be permanently saddled with the diminished, 'acting' title. 

I have been tracking this Fitzgerald-to-Evers FU for a while.

Why the delays? So that Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald and GOP Congressional candidate can continue to play his partisan, 'I'm in charge here' extension of the GOP's anti-Evers-lame-duck power play game.

Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg

* As discussed in a Sunday blog item, Fitzgerald's Senate approved the release funding for only one of eight measures already passed by the Assembly to help the homeless. 

The homeless in Wisconsin include veterans and families with children whom the GOP-led Senate has decided should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps
while also holding onto their tent poles with or without winter gloves.

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