Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wisconsin's GOP styling is shifting to slapstick

We're told repeatedly that Wisconsin voting will be the big national 2020 political story, but here's something else that will happen in these parts when the victors are sworn in:

Glenn Grothman - - the expert on everything from Kwanzaa to snake populations to caulk-it-yourself well protection near massive underground blasting sites - - will be after Sensenbrenner's retirement the senior Wisconsin Republican in the US House of Representatives, assuming he keeps on winning the gerrymandered district his party has handed him as a forever present.

And, sure, the cachet is mostly ceremonial, but what does it tell us about the way words like "Wisconsin" and "leaders" fit together in contemporary journalism and policy-making?

And if Grothman is Larry, 
a cheesier trio that further devalues Wisconsin's reputation and representation could be filled out by Tiffany and Fitzgerald, as their recent Pants-on-Fire antics, here - - 
 Tiffany claimed federal regulation of the wolf population has led to attacks on livestock, driving down production, leading to dairy farms going out of business. 
Our definition for Pants on Fire is "the statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim." That fits here.
- - and, separately and simply shamefully contemptuous, here - - 
WI GOP State Senate Majority Scott Fitzgerald has made his most important public appearance ever. Screenshots don't do justice

to the arrogance of his outrage, but the 47-second video posted by Madison TV station NBC15 of Fitzgerald's contemptuous, cowardly adjournment in mere seconds of a special legislative session called to debate better citizen protections against gun violence will live forever as 'How a Bill Does Not Become a Law.'
 - - make them perfect representatives of the a cartoonish Republican Trumpian Party.

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Maynard McKillen said...

These are not public servants.
These are the most dysfunctional clots that Fascist riches can buy.