Thursday, January 2, 2020

Foxconn site resisting homeowner seeks County Board seat

Foxconn's servants played the eminent domain card. Which just might bring about imminent change:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kim Mahoney
“Foxconn resident and eminent domain abuse advocate vows to bring oversight and transparency to Racine County Board in light of Foxconn development setbacks.”

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI JANUARY 2, 2020 - Kim Mahoney, one of the most vocal opponents of eminent domain abuse for the Foxconn project, announced today she is running for Racine County Supervisor, District 14, which includes the Foxconn development in western Mount Pleasant and the Village of Sturtevant.

Mahoney says she is running for County Supervisor to provide real representation to the residents of District 14.

“When my neighbors and I needed answers from our previous supervisor about Foxconn development plans, our supervisor told us she was informed by the Racine County Board Chairman and Corporation Counsel not to get involved,” Mahoney said."

More about Mahoney and the issues, here.
Kim Mahoney and her family are among the few residents remaining at the Foxconn site. Their new house is the only one left in a subdivision that used to have 13 houses. She believes the village altered road plans to apply pressure to her and her neighbors.
"The village made millionaires out of the vacant land owners but threatened all homeowners with eminent domain, sometimes based on fake road plans, in order to force them to sell on its terms," Mahoney said. "We have been willing to sell since day one, but we were unwilling to allow them to abuse their eminent domain authority for the benefit of a wealthy foreign corporation."
A Foxconn archive, here.

NBC Nightly News, 7/21/19


The Foxconn site in the Village of Mount Pleasant, summer of 2017, before the bulldozing began to save it:

Foxconn site, August 2018:
And this for reference:
See flooding off Foxconn site. Heads up, downstream!

* In September, 2018, this blog also said this:
Foxconn flooding poured downstream to mainstream media; 3 takeaways

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