Friday, January 10, 2020

Manure from CAFO runs into St. Croix River region waters

This blog documents the impacts of CAFOs in Wisconsin on public health, residential wells and surface waters.

Regrettably, the reporting is repetitive and consequential.

This time, the contamination from Emerald Sky Dairy, a large cattle feeding operation hit the St. Croix River watershed, as St. Croix 360 is reporting.

Factory farm runoff contaminates creek in St. Croix River watershed, killing fish
Manure from CAFO in Willow River region flowed off field where it had been spread.
“This is fourth time in less than four years that the Wisconsin DNR has been involved with improper spreading or spills at Emerald Sky Dairy,” said Virginia Drath, a resident of Emerald. “What will it take to change their behavior? Are the fines not large enough to impact their practices? This is so frustrating for neighbors to see violation after violation and nothing changes.” 

Dead minnows found in Hutton Creek downstream of the manure spill. (WI DNR photo) 

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