Thursday, December 26, 2019

WI GOP still playing 'Haha, no-confirmation-hearing' game w/ Evers' Cabinet

The State Capitol's little GOP dictators continue to play a self-serving and fixed game after having fired Brad Pfaff, Evers' fully-qualified nominee as Ag Department Secretary.

He was dismissed without cause, because these GOP 'leaders' consider being a Democrat a firing offense.

Their game is just another hyper-partisan way which power-grabbing Republican Legislative officials will undermine, hamstring and de-legitimize a Democratic Governor and his agenda.

Evers' offense? Fairly and squarely defeating a sitting, two-term GOP Governor whom Republicans believed to be Governor-for-life invincible.

And note in this summary story about the disappeared confirmation hearing process the's poisoned that GOP State Senate leader and congressional candidate Scott Fitzgerald offers no substantive reason for his Mitch McConnell-inspired disrespect for Evers' cabinet nominees other than 'because I can.'

Unfortunately, this sick charade has been going on all year.

As I reported nearly five months ago to the day:
The GOP monkey-wrenching duo of Fitzgerald and Vos running the Wisconsin State Legislature is approaching the seventh month of holding hostage the confirmation of any and all Tony Evers' cabinet secretary nominations.
I was getting ready to blog about the State Senate's refusal under pre-Trumpian little dictator and GOP Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
to confirm Acting DNR Secretary Preston Cole despite his degree in forestry, management of Milwaukee city environmental public works and chairmanship of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, but the State Journal beat me to it with a more comprehensive story.
The reason that the Legislature won't hold confirmation hearings has nothing to do with nominee qualifications, resumes and actual, credible vetting; rather it's just another partisan move by Republicans determined to de-legitimize Evers' tenure and appropriate to themselves as many of the Governor's powers as possible.

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