Friday, January 24, 2020

The really big box that won't build really big screens nearly complete

Props to Bruce Murphy for asking just what's to be built in Foxconn's Mt. Pleasant plant.
Foxconn’s 1 Million Square Feet; Of What?
Despite media claims, new facility unlikely to be a Gen 6 manufacturer. So what will it be?
Well, for one thing: It may occupy a million square feet, and be topped with massive roofing held up by walls perhaps measurable in city blocks - - but it won't have an old-timey sprinking system. 

And, mind you, the Gen 6 plant is already a reduction in scope from the cutting-edge Gen 10.5 plant hyped when the Walker-promoted Foxconn /subsidy/wetland-filling/litigation-shortcutting GOP hoopla and handouts were rolled out.

Perhaps best to consult Don Rumsfeld and his infamously distracting riff about known unknowns, etc., to avoid giving a straight answer during an Iraq War news conference.

I'm on record with a prediction
I have long-believed that Foxconn's buildings will be eventually sold and re-purposed for cookie-cutter production and assembly work in the industrial park corridor along I-94 North/South served by overbuilt new interchanges pushed through the Legislature by hometown party Boss Vos, as I wrote in February:
Even if Foxconn disappears, Sprawl King Vos is a winner
WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos managed in a state without two spare potholes-filling nickels to rub together to steer to and through his district a quarter of a billion federal and state road-and-interchange widening dollars that will trigger sprawl beyond bulldozed Mount Pleasant farms even if Foxconn never diverts a gallon of Lake Michigan water to produce a single big screen LCD TV.
I've been following the Foxconn story for more than 34 months. 
Here is one summary post with more than 370 Foxconn items and many more references and links:
From NBC Nightly News, 7/21/19

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