Sunday, January 19, 2020

Despite brutal weather, WI GOP legislature won't release homeless aid

[Sunday update - - The GOP-controlled WI State Senate will take up this coming week one of eight bills Republicans have kept shelved as winter set in. Piecemeal and pathetic.]

[Saturday Update: The National Weather Service's posted this warning Saturday evening: "This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for portions of east central Wisconsin, south central Wisconsin and southeast Wisconsin....Tonight Wind chill advisory in effect this evening as wind chills are expected to fall to 15 below to 25 below zero late tonight into Sunday morning."]

Just a reminder that the GOP-run legislative budget committee
Alberta Darling at Ann Romney rally.JPG
Budget committee Co-Chair State Sen. Alberta Darling, (R-River Hills)
refuses to release more than $3 million in homeless assistance, noted here, despite these just-updated, single-digit and below-zero weather conditions, per WTMJ TV-4 (percentages reflect precipitation prediction):

Cloudy / Windy
feels like -5° 35° / 31°

Wintry Mix Snow / Sleet
35° / 31°

Fair / Mostly Sunny
11° / 2°

Fair / Mostly Sunny
14° / -2°

Partly Cloudy
21° / 3°

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Anonymous said...

as I have said many times before...what the hell is wrong with these people?