Thursday, December 12, 2019

Another day, another Kewaunee County manure 'spill.'

With its water routinely contaminated, Kewaunee County is Wisconsin's Flint.

It's a vile reality enabled by gerrymandered, special interest-driven GOP legislators who continue to slow-walk clean water repairs that are long overdue in Kewaunee County, and statewide.

Data was published four years ago that showed a third of Kewaunee County's wells contaminated with ag runoff.

Which is why this week's latest Kewaunee County outrage is more local residents' dirty normal.
Clean up underway on Kewaunee County manure spill
The manure runoff spread to a ditch that leads up to Sandy Creek.   

And remember, Kewaunee County waterways eventually lead to Lake Michigan.

Manure runs onto Kewaunee County from an earlier 'spill.' Could easily be in Wisconsin's Central Sands counties or farther west.

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