Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Walker added food removal to his Wisconsin Idea. Trump is running with it.

The removal of food from low-income or otherwise disadvantaged people can be traced from Walker to Trump and back again to Wisconsin.

Who ever thought that taking food away from people could become part of a New Wisconsin Idea?

New and tightened 2020 food assistance eligibility rules are being rolled out by the Trump administration were presaged by Walker's earlier, but noble-paternalistic-cuts.
Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman for Walker, said the “entitlement reforms” in the 2013-15 budget “help childless adults transition into the workforce.”
Patrick said the rules are “part of our continued focus on moving people from government dependence to true independence and ensuring they are workforce ready.”
How that $7.25 minimum wage Walker refused to boost fits into transitioning into the workforce isn't quite clear. 

Meanwhile, those Walker 'entitlement reforms' were credited in October, 2018 with inspiring the new Trump rules:
Wisconsin - with its work requirement set to expand next year and its focus on employment and training - is a role model for the Trump administration's vision of food aid for poor Americans who could go hungry, ratcheting up what many of them are expected to do to get government help.
The new calculus: food aid may disappear for another Wisconsin 27,000 families and 100,000 recipients, on top of the earlier Walker limitations, according to the earlier Walker limitations which removed about the same number of recipients:
Wisconsin Republicans under former Gov. Scott Walker passed a number of changes to the program, including requiring able-bodied adults to work or be looking for jobs in order to receive benefits and to be tested for drug use. 
The work rule has resulted in 100,471 people losing benefits after not meeting the requirement for three months in a row, according to DHS data. 
The New York Times estimates the national figure is about 700,000. 


Anonymous said...

Why is exgov Dopey even in the news unless it would be for his corruption and failures? Why are the new recruits of the GOP similar to Dopey? Not intelligent, full of hate, and willing to do whatever the money tells them to do. Every GOP friend I have can not answer the question, Name one good thing for Wisconsin that Walker did???? The response a few months back was Foxconn. Now that has been exposed as a huge failure in the news (good thing they can still respond with the "fake news" comeback), they have zero answers. He is a corporate socialist and anyone who says different is an idiot.
Another fun question to ask: Why did state Republicans fire a man as the Ag leader in Wisconsin who is backed by every ag organization in the state, when they unanimously voted to hire him earlier in committee??? Yet their voters could care less, and the Dems will again be afraid to go after the corruption and send candidates to the ballots.
Lets look at an upcoming election: US Representative Tom Tiffany vs forfeit. Tiffany is a complete idiot who could be knocked out by a real candidate, yet the Dems are probably not going to offer an alternative and if they do they will not spend a dime because they have already quit.
Going back to Dopey, just like Trump, most members of the GOP could not stand the guy, but after the money made him their candidate they had to support him. Another example, does anyone actually think Robin Vos has people who like him? He is an ignorant, arrogant, condescending weasel. So Dems, where is the alternative??????? Where are your candidates.

Peter Felknor said...

I've said this many times: Trump just ran Walker's playbook on a national scale. Same ignorance. Same heartlessness. Same disastrous results.