Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Majority Leader Fitzgerald doesn't have time for your pain

As he recently did by immediately rejecting gun safety proposals, the power-hungry GOP State Senator Majority Leader and 5th District 2020 Congressional candidate Scott Fitzgerald has similarly blocked GOP-sponsored measures which would have legalized medical marijuana for treating cancers and a host of other severe, painful illnesses.
The proposal from Rep. Mary Felzkowski of Irma and Sen. Kathy Bernier of Chippewa Falls would create a new state program to license dispensaries of marijuana for anyone with a serious medical condition, like cancer, AIDS or post-traumatic stress disorder. 
But Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald quickly rejected the idea... 
Felzkowski, who is a cancer survivor, said...  "I took a whole lot of medications with a whole lot of side effects that I still deal with today," Felzkowski said. "I can look at what happened to me and other people and see that this could be used without those side effects, and I'lI tell you what ...those side effects were horrific."
So, listen up, Wisconsin people with your debilitating pain, life-threatening illnesses and old-timey expectations of government service from elected officials and senior leaders: Show Fitzgerald a little empathy.
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
Pain relief? Get this man some schedule relief!
You're going to have to chill through the 2020 primary and general elections, by which time Fitzgerald, one way or the other, will get the relief he needs from the rigors of hunting excursions and parades and fundraisers and his other very important partisan political work that takes precedence over your suffering.

Don't make this more complicated, people. It's not, Bucky 2019. We're talking Fitzgerald, 2020. Make Fitz Great Again!

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