Saturday, December 7, 2019

Sensenbrenner voted against solidifying voting rights, because...

While he'd long been a leading voting rights supporter - - and, seriously, shouldn't every lawmaker be its champion? - - Sensenbrenner and every GOP House member except one didn't like the way Democrats wanted to help make American ballot box access a real thing.
On Friday, Republicans accused the Voting Rights Advancement Act of doing more than just reinstating [protections overturned by the US Supreme Court], contending the bill constituted broad federal overreach of states’ rights.
GOP lawmakers also complained the bill prohibited states from implementing voter ID laws and would require states to get permission before putting in place very specific election procedures that have a history of being used for discriminatory practices — even if the procedures weren’t intended to be discriminatory.
And that's how you wrap up 22 terms in Congress before making way for Scott Fitzgerald, another booster of voter ID, blatant gerrymandering and various other Republican special-interest orthodoxies.

On, Wisconsin.
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MAL said...

James Sensenbrenner has NEVER been a voting rights advocate.

Are you kidding?

One of the few remaining racists still in Congress who voted against the establishment of Martin Luther King, JR Day in 1983, Sensenbrenner has long opposed U.S. DoJ involvement in states' and other jurisdictions' racist infrastructure against voting rights.

Your ridiculous characterization (and you are not alone in holding to it) is ahistorical, and one must conclude also deliberate in avoiding mention of Sensenbrenner's specific opposition to voting right, continuing, as you point out, today.

Sensenbrenner has for years opposed the venerable Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

What's next? Scott Walker is a union man?

For more info on this clown, see

James Rowen said...

Sensenbrenner does have history supporting the Voting Rights Act.