Friday, December 20, 2019

Why WI GOP legislators skipped Evers-called homeless aid meeting Thursday.

Because no frozen bodies were found on Wisconsin sidewalks overnight, as far as I can tell.

And because temperatures eventually rose above freezing, so GOP leaders felt free to pull another disappearing act after Evers called them to meet on appropriations to combat homelessness.

Also: the WI GOP legislative leadership had to remain consistent. They've already balked at releasing homeless aid, and strengthening other safety net basics, therefore dare not look weak, or worse, empathetic, while what remains of their party is firmly in thrall to a cruel and overcompensating fraud.

Fitzgerald and Vos began honing their shameless, 'you can't make us do anything/no-show tactic when they publicly took a hike without discussing Evers' gun safety legislation

Screenshots do not do justice to the video posted by Madison TV station NBC15 of Fitzgerald's contemptuous, cowardly adjournment in mere seconds of a special legislative session called by Evers to debate better citizen protections against gun violence.
The walkout will live forever as 'How a Bill Does Not Become a Law.'
From Medicaid expansion to gun safety to homeless assistance to minimum wage increases to medical marijuana to full food stamp availability and urban drinking water pipe remediation, it's #Never for the Wisconsin GOP.

And while we're discussing their no-never attitude, let's not forget that GOP leaders began immediately after Walker lost the Governor's race to undermine, marginalize and otherwise disrespect Evers for winning an office they believed was theirs forever as if they'd gerrymandered that one, too. 

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