Saturday, December 21, 2019

White GOP legislators keep on twisting Black culture

Remember when now-Congressman Glen Grothman decided that attacking Kwanzaa was smart politics and good for his image?

Now we have Rep. Scott Allen, (R-Waukesha County), deciding he is just the right person to introduce a Black History Month proclamation that honors certain white and Native American people, too.
Wisconsin lawmaker proposes resolution honoring white people, among others, during Black History Month
The episode is the third time white lawmakers have intervened in how black lawmakers should honor their own history. 
Other than being trouble-makers, thoughtlessly showing off their majority privileges and underscoring 'base' in base politics, why?

Picture of Representative Scott Allen
State Rep. Scott Allen
State Republicans, whether it's Sensenbrenner, Johnson, or the twin threat of Fitzgerald and Vos just can't stop posing as parodies of representative government while putting Wisconsin is the worse light possible.

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