Friday, December 20, 2019

Two illegal elk kills lands WI woman a fine

Killed out of season without permits, a Wisconsin woman must pay a forfeiture of more than $6,000. 
A Mukwonago woman has been issued a $6,150 citation for mistakenly killing two elk while deer hunting
As I read the story, she will not loose hunting privileges or the .44 cal. semi-automatic rifle with which she killed the elk.

Keep in mind that elk 
DMAP Brochure
and other Wisconsin wildlife are held in trust by the state for all the people.

Also keep in mind that deer are roughly to elk, as, say, Black Angus steers
A black angus bull seen here side on
are to Texas Longhorns:
A Texas Longhorn cow

Which is why the DNR says know what you're shooting at!
dont shoot an elk

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