Friday, December 20, 2019

Another WI Republican joins others on 'They Hate Trump' train

This time it's Sensenbrenner launching the typical Trumpist chaff with a New York Times op-ed. Begin with this steaming pant-load: 
The investigation against President Clinton was thorough and nonpartisan. The Trump proceedings have been the opposite in every way....
Then move to...: 
Charade...bunk...railroad job...Vitriol and blind hatred aside, President Trump has been robbed of his constitutionally protected due process rights.
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Sounds like he was channeling his more junior Badgerland colleague:
Rep. Grothman: Impeachment Driven by Extreme Trump Hatred
Scott Fitzgerald, the WI GOP state Senator who wants to succeed the retiring Sensenbrenner, says the impeachment proceedings were just as Trump labeled them - - a "witch hunt."

Ron Johnson, our senior senator, potential Senate trial witness and conflicted juror, publicly scorned key impeachment witness Lt. Col. Andrew Vindman.

* Update: PolitFact finds key Sensenbrenner remarks "Mostly False." 

44 years in the US House and still can't tell a straight story.

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Anonymous said...

Wisconsin G O Pee in the White House!

Michael P. Duffy gets his moment in the spotlight in the Ukraine Mango Moron squeeze!: "Given the sensitive nature of the request, I appreciate you keeping that information closely held”

Just-released documents show the White House moved to stop vital military aid to #Ukraine less than two hours after his July 25 call with Ukraine’s President … Here’s a White House memo to the Pentagon: #UkraineDocs

Just in case the Pentagon didn’t get the point, here’s another July 25 memo - two hours after the first one, four hours after Trump-Zelensky call - demanding the Pentagon shut off aid to #Ukraine