Thursday, May 13, 2010


There are indications that GOP gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann may run as an independent - - a tea party-friendly strategy for sure.

Could this become the Republican version of the messy Joe Checota/Jim Moody senatorial primary scrap in 1992 that opened the door for now-incumbent US Senator Russ Feingold?

I heard Mark Belling the other day opine that it's getting close to that.

If Walker and Neumann run against Tom Barrett - - advantage Barrett.

Does Neumann just hate Scott Walker, or does he truly think he can ride this tea party/anti-incumbent/anti-traditional political party sentiment to a gubernatorial victory?

Lee Bergquist has some details. Don Walker, earlier.


Anonymous said...

Keep hoping Jim!

Walker will be the next Governor of Wisconsin

xoff said...

Neumann right now is running even with Walker in the GOP primary, from all reports, endorsements from bigwigs and the convention aside. He has a 50-50 chance of being the GOP nominee if he sticks with it. Only in Milwaukee do people think Walker has it nailed down.

James Rowen said...

Wacky year.