Monday, May 24, 2010

Feds Have Failed To Protect The Gulf - - A Public Resource

The Washington Post publishes information about the degree to which federal oversight (sic) officials have ignored regulations or altered documents designed to guarantee strong public protections in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaskan drilling fields.

Some officials got bonuses if they could goose along environmental reviews.

It's an abomination, having made the Gulf spill an inevitability.

The New York Times disclosed yesterday that more Gulf drilling is being approved, with environmental reviews being waved, despite an order by Pres. Obama that there should be a moratorium on new projects until the current spill is closed off and investigations are completed.

And The New York Times said today that BP is ignoring an EPA order to cease using a highly-toxic oil dispersal chemical.

BP can't staunch the blowout, can't (or won't) cap the well.

The gravity and global consequences of the situation demand a major, independent investigation, with subpoena power.

Heads need to roll.


Anon Jim said...

Here we are a month and 5 days later and what has Obama done other than point fingers and say "not my fault, not my responsibility".

Just like he does with every other problem that arises.

enoughalready said...

'Anon Jim' could not be more wrong about Obama. But, gee, if I was in charge of BP, why wouldn't I want to make sure there was a fail-safe shut-down system -- and a back-up. Why would I want to do the minimum just to save $500,000 (the cost of the back-up system)? This disaster is an indictment of business as usual in this country, of capitalism without a conscience.