Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On The Eve Of The GOP Convention, Walker's Coronation Is Shaky

Scott Walker has had a rough few days just as he's about to walk off with the Republican nomination for Governor this weekend.

There was the top County mental health care administrator in hot water over putting aggressive male patients in risky proximity to female patients.

Then Walker had a staffer resign over spending time on the Walker office public payroll busying herself posting pro-Walker, anonymous comments on various Internet sites.

Later, opponent Mark Neumann slammed Walker for basically working part-time as County Exec while traveling the state as a candidate, then made mincemeat of Walker's flip-flop on the Arizona immigration law with a biting YouTube spot.

It's one thing for liberal bloggers to rip Walker for flip-flops on stimulus funds, for example. It's another thing for fellow Republican Neumann to hit Walker this hard.

And it's only mid-May.

And tonight the Journal Sentinel learns that Walker has had to give back more than $40,000 in contributions from people associated with a state railroad because the head of the railroad reimbursed them for the donations to Walker. A serious no-no.

Talk about staggering towards an orchestrated, years-in-the-making nomination - - and right as elections and developments in other states are showing that being the nominee of a traditional party may not what it once was.

Especially if you a Republican and have a conservative/Libertarian/Tea Partier coming at you from the grassroots - - which happened to GOP regulars in Florida (Crist) , Kentucky and Utah (Bennett)..


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