Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Standing With Waukesha, Scott Walker Vetoes Board Statement On Waukesha Wastewater Discharge Plan

Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Executive, has vetoed as promised the Milwaukee County Board resolution that objected to the City of Waukesha's intention to discharge 10.9 million gallons of wastewater into Underwood Creek in Wauwatosa - - which is in Milwaukee County.

That effluent would then flow through the Menomonee River, also in Milwaukee County, to Lake Michigan.

Walker's veto message said the County needed to take more time, study the facts and process and "make an informed decision based on regional cooperation."

What a joke.

Think Walker, a GOP candidate for Governor with a primary opponent, has his eye on votes in Waukesha County, where more Republican ballots are cast than in any other Wisconsin County?

New/old Walker campaign slogan: "Stick It To Milwaukee!"


Anonymous said...

Notwithstanding Scott Walker's politics, this was the only responsible thing to do. There was not a single supervisor who had any idea what he,she was voting for and against. Jim, I know that you a reasonable man that believes in good and informed government. I'm surprised that you would support a decision that was made without any information, on either side, by scientists, water engineers, experts.You harm your own credibility when you side with those who choosed ignorance over knowledge.

James Rowen said...

Why do you assume that the Board had no information? There was plenty of information out there for Supervisors to read and access.

The resolution was offered by John Weishan, who is also a SEWRPC Commissioner, and SEWRPC has been very involved in the water issue.

Because Walker says the decision was not informed does not mean he is right about that.

Anonymous said...

John Weishan and Jim "Luigi" Schmitt both attended Tosa's March 22nd informational meeting where Waukesha officials discussed their application to purchase Lake Michigan Water.

Anonymous said...

No. The ignorant supervisors said it themselves. Watch or listen to the committee meeting. All of them, proponents and opponents say that they have not looked at the application or the plan. The only difference is that the opponents have the intelligence to seek more information. The whacky conspiracy theorists like Pat Jurczic just sy that they don't have the time to learn about the details.
God forbid we let the details get in the way of a good conspiracy!
Jim, I never saw you as an ends justifies the means kind of guy. Just because you agree with it doesn't mean that their uninformed vote was the right one.