Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attention, SEWRPC: Freeways Help Empty Cities Of Residents

Interesting study relating population outflow from cities to the construction of so-called 'freeways.'

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has recommended the seven-county regional freeway system be expanded with 127 miles of new lanes - - in or near Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha.

This makes sense to SEWRPC, which is based in much smaller and suburban Pewaukee.


Anon Jim said...

SEWRPC is in theory suppose to act taking into account what is best for all 7 of the counties it represents, not just the city of Milwaukee.

James your getting all bent out of shape because they do not show Milwaukee the Urbanist bias you want - well that is your problem.

Max Max said...


So it's okay for suburbs to grow by cannibalizing the City? You'd think the suburbs would be very much in favor of doing everything they can to help Milwaukee. What do many suburban residents typically complain about? All the "new" people who are moving in. A healthier Milwaukee means people in the suburbs get to keep their quality of life that many moved there for. I'm already hearing about people in Waukesha moving to Jefferson Co. because they don't like what's happening in Waukesha. Where does it end?

Anon Jim said...

Btw - have to give a tip of the hat to the egghead interviewed in the linked article for the word "densification".

A word that works on so many levels when it comes to Urbanist ideas.

Also have to give credit to Professor Baum-Snow for actually admitting that Urbanists such as himself want to force people or firms to locate someplace they would rather not - but as long as there is a good transportation system that is ok . . . right???