Saturday, May 22, 2010

'Take The Country Back' Riff Is Weird, Arrogant; How About, "Enjoy The City?"

This Republican/Tea Party yammering about taking the country back is pretty arrogant stuff.

As if the country was theirs - - anybody's? - - and had been taken.

It echoes the Right's various Obama-centered fantasies - - that the President is a secret foreigner/non-citizen/enemy of the state, or that the election was stolen.

Get off this us and them mentality.

You GOP conventioneers in town for the weekend: turn off talk radio, get outta those smoke-filled rooms and enjoy the downtown.

Go to The Public Market.

Head for the Riverwalk or walk to the Calatrava Museum addition.

The next time you come to town you can get around on the streetcar.

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