Monday, May 17, 2010

Obama's Economic Plans Are Working

GM is back in the black.

Paid off its government loan, as have most of the big banks - - which borrowed under a George Bush initiative, TARP.

When will the Right give Obama some credit?


Ron R said...

Maybe when or if they ever pay back the billions that was spent to bail them out. Until then I'll give credit to the companies that didn't require bailing out.

Anon Jim said...

Was wondering what took you so long to trumpet the GM load "payback".

So GM uses part of the $50B it was given by the U.S. Govt to transfer $6.7B from one taxpayer-funded TARP Account to another.

In the private sector that is called fraud.

And to top it off Obama lackey Whitacre appears in a commercial giving the false impression the whole $50B has been repaid.

Apparently a sham even you have bought James.

And I imagine it gives little comfort to the creditors and bondholders whose equity was wiped away by Obama, allowing GM to show a pseudo-profit now.

enoughalready said...

I have been wondering why I don't hear more blame of the George W. Bush administration for the oil spill disaster in the Gulf. (I do hear some.) Clearly, his administration is responsible for its failure to properly regulate the oil and gas industry.