Friday, May 21, 2010

Scott Walker, Burnishes His Righty Credentials, Bashes Commuter Rail

Remember, the KRM would serve suburbanites.

But talk radio says no, so Walker says the same.


Anon Jim said...

James - considering how few poeple would actually use this, it does not really matter trying to make any kind of urban, suburban, rural distinctions.

If the KRM is going to serve only suburbanites, why exactly is an uber urbanist like you all for it?

James Rowen said...

I am for rail in many forms because I am for choices and alternatives.

Dave Reid said...

@Jim The strange thing is this is really a Wisconsin Republican thing. As Republican Mayors, and Governors in multiple states have played important roles in bringing rail service to their cities.

Anon Jim said...

In opther words James, you will support any choo-choo project no matter how much of a complete waste of tax dollars it is.

Thanks for clarifying that.

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim - - You come across as uninformed by referring to modern trains as "choo-choos." It isn't even original, as that's what the radio talkers call trains. You score no points by channeling them.

Conservatives often say they love choice but draw the line at transportation. There they support the government-run roads, which are heavily-subsidized by local property taxes, state income taxes, and various mandatory fees, including licenses, registrations and, of course, the gas tax.

Anon Jim said...

Conservatives often say they love choice

James - can you give me some specific applicable examples of this claim?

In theory roads should be self-funded through the various related taxes and fees, would like to see an analysis of the revenue versus the expense.

Of course one has to include a big waste factor due to how fundamentally inefficient, incompetent, or outright corrupt the government is in all it's redundant levels.

James Rowen said...

School choice.

The Tea Party/Libertarian/GOP objection to the health care bill was based, in part, on a belief that it would limit personal choice.

Anon Jim said...

There is the flaw in your logic James.

Rail versus roads are both public sector options and some argue we cannot afford both.

The school choice advocates, many of whom are not exactly conservatives such as many parents of MPS students, want a greater ability for a given student to chose a private sector option over a "public" MPS school.

As far as Obamacare goes, again you have a private versus public situation.