Thursday, May 20, 2010

BP Caught In Lie

BP now says it is capturing the same amount of crude oil it first claimed to be losing in the Gulf well blowout - - but since the capture is admittedly only a partial success, this proves that BP has been underestimating all along what was spilling into these public, precious waters.

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non quixote said...

Hello James,

This whole tragic event has me just sick and even NPR can't bring itself to report the full extent of the problems nor the real actions here.

This morning NPR was touting that BP would "AGAIN," be trying to stop the oil flow, this time with the junk shot.

Fact is BP has yet to try anything to stop the oil flow, they have merely been trying to harvest the oil, save the oil, collect the oil, to fill their coffers.

We need some truth in reporting. NPR seems to have gone as corportist as our seemingly bought out POTUS.