Saturday, May 29, 2010

Town Of Waukesha Recall Election To Be Scheduled

Residents of the Town of Waukesha, believing their officials are not standing up to City of Waukesha efforts to take land for new shallow wells, are about to learn the date of a recall election forced by elector signatures.

Details from the recall group, below;


Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Today the Town of Waukesha sky matched the www.saveourtown.infowebsite. Beautiful hot air balloons made their way over our homes. Hope many of you had the opportunity to see them!
Quick update on the recall-
Town of Waukesha Clerk Kathy Karalewitz has been quoted in the newspaper as saying she plans to validate the recall petitions on Friday, June 4th.
She will also share the date of the recall election, which is anticipated to be the 13th or 20th of July.
So, less than one week to go until the last phase of the recall!
How lucky are we to have such wonderful weather on a holiday weekend - hope this will be the start of a whole summer of great weather in our great town.

Save Our Town Constituent Committee

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