Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Repeat OWI Offender Mark Benson Remorseful For Deaths - - But Still Has Excuses

Mark Benson writes to radio station AM620 to express sorrow and remorse for the high-profile triple homicide car crash he caused in Oconomowoc - - but is still raising doubts about whether he was intoxicated and says others could have prevented the crash.

That undercuts his statements of remorse and responsibility - - denial being an awfully strong internal directive in the face of such grievous negligence.

Here is the text of his letter.

The bigger picture: will Wisconsin lawmakers grasp the horror of that crash and scores like it that happen routinely in our state, and institute law enforcement, treatment and education reforms to try and reduce drunk driving and alcohol abuse in Wisconsin?

So far, the alcohol lobbies and inertia are winning this battle, as legislators spin and parse proposals so as not to offend the offenders.

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