Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chemical Fix For The Atmosphere Accelerating Global Warming

This is depressing.


Anonymous said...

Yeah well, we have folks like you to thank for it.


James Rowen said...

I didn't know i had that much power.

Michael Pereckas said...

They were known to be greenhouse gases all along. There may be a burst of attention right now but it's certainly not a new and surprising discovery. The need to avoid venting these materials has never been taken as seriously as it ought to be. I see people proposing hydrocarbons, as were proposed the first time around. Flammable, yes, but there are 100 pounds of gasoline in the back of the car, it's hard to imagine flammable refrigerant in the air conditioner being a big hazard (the oil in the refrigerant circuit is flammable anyway, after all).