Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Speech Win For Savage Talk Show Host

Michael Savage is now free to travel to England.

All the kerfuffle did was give the rightie motormouth a nosier platform.

You can hear his homophobic, anti-foreigner, anti-affirmative action diatribes in the late, low-rating hours on AM620 WTMJ.

Silencing people is stupid and counter-productive. Let Savage go to England, where all but the anti-immigrant crowd will ignore him.


Anonymous said...

The man is an idiot but dont say that this country is better off with the masses of illegal immigrants now here to stay. They've done little to contribute to society except scare law abiding citizens out of their neighborhoods and cause urban blight and decay. Where's the economy of the city's south side headed outside of the four or five restsurants on 4th and national?

James Wigderson said...

Here's the important question: Do we have to let him back in?

James Rowen said...

To James; Too funny.

To Anon: Never mind.