Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Flip-Flop By Scott Walker Blows Up Labor Negotiations

Looking for political advantage in his quest to be the next Wisconsin Governor, and instead of trying to seriously participate in ongoing contract talks, Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker has suddenly decided to propose a two-year wage freeze, reports the Journal Sentinel.

After first supporting wage increases.

Before he tried to impose a 12.5% wage cut in the form of a mandatory 35-hour work week.

This isn't serious and professional labor negotiation. It's monkey-wrenching.

It's not bargaining. It's spin, and there's more coming out of Walker and his office than you'd see at some State Fair rides.

Let's face it: Walker is as disinterested in governing Milwaukee County as was Sarah Palin in governing Alaska.

He wants out, but unlike Palin the Quitter, Walker wants a promotion.


capper said...

The sad part is that the MJS article only touches the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, to be at liberty to speak the full truth!!

MAL said...

Walker is too slick by half; and in the GOP primary Mark Neumann will eat Walker alive.

Watch for Walker to attempt to avoid debating Neumann as much as Walker can get away with.

I like to think of myself as the most harsh critic of Neumann on social policy but listening to Neumann leaves one with very little doubt about his sincerity, and one perceies an agressive and innovative mind.

James Rowen said...

To MAL: I think Neumann pays a price for being out of politics for so long, and an earlier defeat by Feingold statewide.