Monday, July 27, 2009

Journal Sentinel Sadness

I feel badly for my former colleagues at the Journal Sentinel as they face today's buyout deadline, and the reality that many fine journalists will be leaving a proud but diminished newspaper.

Besides my best wishes and hopes for everyone in this difficult position, I can only offer my own experience, having left the newspaper in 1996, and recognizing that I left freely - - there is plenty of rewarding work outside the newsroom, and reporting skills translate well into many other circumstances.


Anonymous said...

who's biting the dust now? this is pretty bad . . .

Anonymous said...

No real surprise here is there?

The clock has been ticking for awhile now on the Journal-Sentinal's outright demise after all.

Just like GM's bankruptcy, the writing has been on the walls for years of it being just a matter of when, not if.