Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Milwaukee Cannot Tear Down Low-Income Housing...Yet

A federal court jury has said, in effect, "hold on," so a judge will rule soon on whether South Milwaukee can tear down one of the few housing complexes in the metro area outside of the City of Milwaukee that serves minorities and low-income tenants.


Finally, there's an official determination somewhere in the region on behalf of the poor, and against clustering them in the City of Milwaukee.

This is what the fights about highways vs. rail, and affordable housing vs. exclusionary zoning are all about: the region disproportionately, by law, tradition or code economically segregates the region.

And, in turn, distorts and stunts the economy, as well as limits individual choices, opportunity and eventual wealth.

Will South Milwaukee get the message and work to maintain this housing option?

Or will the judge have to implement the wishes of the jury, so that this tawdry, nine-year and costly effort comes to a halt.


Dave Reid said...

Jim, I don't know if the site is great or not, but this seems like another case of fighting the boogieman of low-income housing... sad.

Anonymous said...

When will pewaukee and hartland build affordable housing projects?

Anonymous said...

the site is fine. this complex - affordable housing for working families - is surrounded by other multifamily housing. that south milwaukee wants to tear it down is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:09

all the suburbs SHOULD be building a fair share of affordable workforce housing.

Zach W. said...

Dave, it's not "low-income" housing; it's affordable housing.