Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Sky Is Falling - - Again

Rightie talker Charlie Sykes tells his audience right off the bat this morning that Barack Obama and the Congress are getting set to "nationalize health care" - - which is wildly inaccurate, as there would be some sort of a public option along with private plans continued - - and that the program would "kill the golden goose" and ruin the economy.

This was the same GOP talking point about the Climate Change bill that cleared the House of Representatives: the American economy will die as a result.

Here's the truth: We need fundamental reform of the way our health care system - - such as it is - - is operating, and we also need systematic controls over greenhouse gas emissions combined with renewable energy research and production.

Both are affordable and both will help people and the economy.

The world for the Sykes and Limbaughs and the other AM radio Chicken Littles changed when Obama was elected and many of the old-boy networks were reduced in influence.

The Right is still reeling from the 2008 presidential election - - that's all.

I'm heading out to meetings: I'll bet I don't get hit on the head by some falling sky.

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enoughalready said...

If you read the recent reader comments at on the question of who has the area's best frozen custard, you learned that Gilles apparently serves up political misinformation along with its custard. Sadly, the folks who run Gilles have bought into messages from the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute to the effect that Barack Obama's "government-run" health care is going to destroy "the best health care system in the world." Flyers have been placed at each table, warning customers.