Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Senator-Failed-Judicial Nominee Flunks Legal Thinking 101

US Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R-Alabama), himself once-upon-a-time also a judicial nominee, stumbles in his effort to discredit Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

Remember that admonition about not asking a question if you're unsure of the answer?

I can hear Neil Young reminding him:

Southern man better keep your head
Dont forget what your good book said
Southern change gonna come at last
Now your crosses are burning fast
Southern man


Anonymous said...

he tried the "needle" and the damage is done.

Winston Smith said...

So, let's see if I understand your logic. Sessions calls out an example of a judge who does not use race in their judicial philosophy, but that document called the constitution, Sotomayor agrees, and notes she is in the room, and you gloat and have a famed liberal "gotcha" moment. Boy Jim, those straws must be getting harder and harder to see and grasp. Then you call Sessions a racist by bringing out Neil Young? That might be the most blatantly retarded thing I have read on this blog. Well, to that I say:

In Birmingham they love the Gov'nor.
Oooh hoo hoo.
Now we all did what we could do.
Now Watergate does not bother me.
Does your conscience bother you, tell the truth.

enoughalready said...

I don't want to take the time to check, but I doubt if the senator is even quoting correctly the nominee's comments. I cannot help but get the feeling that the South is a very different place from the rest of this country.

James Rowen said...

Matt; I left your comment alone so people could see you throw around the "retarded" word. Classy.

Winston Smith said...

Classy? Good debaters "focusing on the issues and substance"? Like referring to people protesting their government's actions legally and peacefully as "tea-baggers"? A simple search of the term "republican" in your blog of missives yielded this gem. President Obama goes on national TV and says that when he bowls at the White House, it looks like the "Special Olympics". Where the hell was your faux-outrage then Rowen? NOBODY CARED! ESPECIALLY LIBERALS!

Maybe the proper word choice for what you said should have been "demagogic propaganda that serves a toilet paper-skinned liberal's self-serving purpose of talkng down to people that don't share his views because he can't defend them intellectually".

PS - a correction to my original comment: "Oooh, ooh, ooh" is actually "Boo, boo, boo" in response to the band BOOING Wallace's actions. I gotta cover myself around guys like you Rowen.